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A writer's life journey until The Magic Brush

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

I was born in Vietnam, but at the age of 3 I arrived to Hungary. I was grown and rise up in this beautiful country where I got my education, my home. I could say I feel as a Hungarian, but also in my heart there is a room for my Vietnamese roots. As a young asian girl, the life drifted me toward the fashion and modeling world. Later I got accepted at a very prominent Fashion Designer University in Florence, but at the end I had to stay back to Hungary. Following my friends, I applied all the universities were specialized at communication and media science and therefore I started my studies at Pázmány Péter Catholic University. Later on, chapter of accident and love brought me at Bournemouth University where I learnt in the master course of 'Writing for the media' also known as screenwriting.

Vangaurd of Heaven directed by Emil Goodman

After my graduation in England, I decided to move back to Hungary, and start to built up my career here. By then, I was consciously looking for who I really am. I knew that television is the best enter to the film world, and I felt with my knowledge and my experiences I could give something more for this profession. Right after I moved back, I got accepted at a TV channel where I did a small show as director and editor reporter. Later on, I continued my work in another company that produced docureality shows. My modeling career also started again and I got couple of acting role in commercials and films. 2 years after, I decided to leave my stable job in television and make a risk to find a suitable position in the international film industry as a freelancer, which was very though at the beginning. My very first filming job was a Hungarian and later different French films as assistant of director. Slowly, all gates toward hollywood films opened up in front of me. In this journey I could really learn and understand this field, and finally found myself. I found my profession. It took a lot of failures and a short-live flare-up of love. Thanks to my film career, I have travelled almost al over the world, and today Budapest and Paris have become my real home.

P+ TV "Pillanatok" show

Zero directed by Nemes Gyula Dear Elza! directed by Füle Zoltán

My first novel was published on 17th September 2018, which was my dissertation written for as a featured film screenplay at Bournemouth University in 2011. It was my cherished dream to get it published and reached as many readers as it could. It achieved it in printed book form and we hope one day it will get to screen too. My first novel is The Magic Brush and Enchanted Paintings then it follows the second, The Magic Brush The Adventurous Story of Leonardo Morelli. Now I am working on the new book which has so many steps upfront to be ready for the wide audience, while at the same time the fist novel in English is under process. The English book will be published firstly in e-book, but it is in plan to have them in printed later.

In the last few years, I travelled a lot with films and now I am trying to spare my free time to make my dream come true, to make a film of my own novel one day. I really trust and believe on it.

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