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The Magic Brush - The Travel Diary 1. - Mysterious jewelry robbery in Egypt

The work of many months is my latest, forthcoming book, which will be published in early October 2021. It will be a very defining event for me to be able to hold in my hand the book that is the fruit of the hard work of my team. It will also be a special edition because I will publish it myself. Also thanks to the BOOK24 team who will distribute and bring to the various bookstores. It has been a difficult journey so far, but I hope I can give a lot of experiences, adventures, laughter and minutes spent together to children, families and friends.

Book launch 9th October 2021

The book is unique in the Hungarian market and differs from my previous books in that it involves the 8-12 age group through an interactive reading experience. A real adventure game that the reader can play alone, and with the board game attachment, you can invite the whole family for an afternoon program. In this story, the reader can lead the happening, it is up to them if the protagonists succeed in discovering the mystery of Cleopatra.

Leonardo Morelli will take you on his next adventure!

The conquistador painter, well known from the second novel of The Magic Bruch series is called to Egypt this time by a mysterious jewelry robbery. Secrets and exciting tasks waiting to be solved, and this time Master Leonardo cannot thrive without the help of the reader.

Take part in the investigation!

Tricky puzzles, neat-handed required tasks, various quizzes put the reader to the test, while getting the whole family out of fun.

It depends on you how the little team's adventure in the Nile Valley ends!

The book is available for preordering at BOOK24: Click here.

And now we are excited to debut the new coming book, which you can find more about: Click here.

At this event, I will even have a surprise, which I will write about it later! If you would like to attend the event, get a dedicated book and meet with me, please let us know at the following email address:

Keep following us, because the story of the Magic Brush is really just beginning! ☺

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