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The second book launch

In previous blog posts, I have wrote about the background of my two books that have been born so far. But I haven’t talked about why I chose the genre of fantasy yet.

This genre is where your imagination can soar, where there are no limitation, no impossible stories, missions and goals. I have loved this genre since I was a child, I grew up in similar tales. This genre easily flies the audience to magical places created by the writer, they can get to know never-before-seen creatures, can experience the protagonists' journeys, fights and adventures imbued with dangers and adventures. Every human being, whether a child or an adult, has a desire to discover, a desire to get to all sorts of places, to experience the unknown.

Now, I’m almost rowing into the unknown world, where I’m learning for myself what it’s like to write an exciting book and make it reach as many people as possible.

The success of my first book launch gave me a lot of strength to create my next book. I also organized a small launch for my second book here in Budapest, at Loffice Budapest.

At ‘The Magic Brush, The Adventurous Story of Leonardo Morelli’ book launch I was talking with Gere Orsolya. A lot of friends, family members, fans and well-known actors, artists also came to the event. The night was opened by Annamária Papp with the soundtrack of a Walt Disney animation film. The atmosphere was enhanced by Laura Riz’s band duo, I am always very grateful to them for being there and supporting me no matter what event I organize. Gergely Mohay, Head of the Ministry of Human Resources, and the Secretary by the Vietnamese Embassy also gave a speech.

Gergely Mohaly Gergely, Head of the Ministry of Human Resources
Laura Riz artist

Secretary by the Embassy of Vietnam

Once again, thank you to all those who have come and are constantly following my work.

Photo gallery: Here.

And I’ll soon reveal what I’ve been working on with my team for the past few months. This book will be a little different than before, but at the same time it will appear as a sequel to The Magic Brush. Are you waiting too? ☺

The Magic Brush, The Adventurous Story of Leonardo Morelli you can buy it: Here.

Annamaria Papp actress and singer

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