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Background story of The Magic Brush and Enchanted Paintings

The Magic Brush and Enchanted Paintings originally was written as a screenplay for my MA graduation dissertation as I mentioned already in my previous blog. The story has a great emphasis on the spectacle, the presentation and description of non-existent, strange worlds so that they are able to grab the reader’s attention for the first time and maintain interest.

Those who know me know that I have been drawing and painting as a hobby since I was a child, and this became more serious when I was preparing for applied arts, but it has been still played a very important part of my life ever since. To this day, I train myself with professionals and develop my skills. That’s why I really like paintings. In the design part, the hardest part was figuring out exactly what genre I wanted to write about, who the target audience was, and most importantly, what the story should be built around. In the course of my research work, the internet somehow swept me towards Bertalan Székely's painting Women of Eger, and I was suddenly captivated by my imagination. All of the sudden, I saw a whole line of stories running out before my eyes and then I knew that the script should be about the paintings in some way. Of course, it also helped that I knew the historic based novel of Stars of Eger, but anyone who looks at this moving image - you don’t need to know the historical background - will make sure you see the battle scene in front of you and continue to weave the tale according to your own imagination. So my book reflects me on some level: it has my life in it, it has my hobby in it, and it has my feelings in it. I will continue to carry the Magic Brush world in the future, even if I am writing a book in a new format or style. There are so many opportunities in this world that I haven’t fully exploited yet.

"the painting inspired the Ruby City"

According to critics, the story is a bit as Alice in Wonderland, our childhood classic cartoons, the Magic Pencil and the Time Machine would have been kneaded together and then transplanted into a modern story…

And now come a little preview and enthusiasts for those who haven’t read the book yet.

’The Magic Brush and Enchanted Paintings’

Sometimes the world can seem boring, harsh and hostile, especially to a teenager. This is certainly what it feels like for the American boy Ben, as he tries to get used to living in a foreign country after his parents’ divorce, when he never wanted to leave his home in the first place. He doesn’t like Budapest, and his new classmates are none too friendly either. He’s happiest retreating into his own little world with his cherished films about the Middle Ages to keep him company, daydreaming about his life as a knight in some parallel universe...

Then something happens to make Ben’s wish come true – only not quite in the way he imagined. From one moment to the next, he finds himself transported to a strange, unfamiliar place with the talkative, inquisitive Maya, a girl from his new class at school. As during a school trip, standing in front of a painting, they are caught in a vortex, and the incredibly exciting adventures begin…

They have no idea how and why they got there, or what to make of this unpredictable, magical land. Then there is the mystery of the mysterious paintbrush that Ben found before their unusual journey, and what it has to do with the strange events that unfold. One thing is certain: they have to get to the bottom of the mysteries if they want to get home, but the adventures that await them turn out to be beyond their wildest imaginings.

In no time, they find themselves in Ruby City, which is nothing but a floating island. They would like to return to their own world, but it turns out it’s not that simple. Ben's only helper is the already mentioned brush. With that he can draw anything Whatever he draws with it, it comes to life. The two youngster pass through countless adventures in this new world - and from where they end up more and more fantasy lands, but not home.

Later on, they arrive to Crystal City and the Spirit World. The fate of characters lead them deep further on the story, as the novel guides into the well spun fantasy world.

According to critics, the book is diversified and fanciful. Whom would like ti dive into the Magic Brush world, you can find out it here in Hungarian. English version will come soon: To purchase clicking here.

To be continued! ☺

More paintings:

"the painting inspired the Crystal City"

"the painting inspired the Spirit World"

"the photo inspired the Alternative Budapest"

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