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Characterization of protagonists

„This book is for everyone who believes in the creative power of love and imagination, and for those who believe that there really is such a thing as magic! It’s present in every little part of our lives, and we only have to be open to it in order to see it for ourselves.”

The Magic Brush and Enchanted Paintings, which was written in a previous blog post, is a special novel, balancing on the border of reality and fantasy: its protagonists start from Budapest and enter the fantasy world with full of new and new adventures through various paintings. The story was inspired by the fantastic world of Harry Potter and Narnia, which enriches the reader with an adventurous experience not only with the soul-creating pictorial world, but also with the evolution of human relationships and the straining of everyday problems.

The story is about the adventures of two young people, Ben and Maya, who leave Budapest and return here in 2018. The personalities of the two characters are very different yet the brave, with artistic inclinations, middle-aged fan Ben is well complemented by the practical, knowledgeable Maya.

Own painting. As I imagined the story. Made in 2018

Ben, the protagonist of the story is a completely average teenager. After his parents divorced, he moved from New York to Budapest, which he is not happy about at all and does not feel too at home in this new foreign environment. Especially so that he doesn’t get along very well with his classmates either.

Only the newbie, a half-Asian Maya who also moved here from England, is approaching him, whom Ben excludes from his life just as much as his other companions. However, a school trip has changed everything, during the ordinary museum visit, Ben and Maya are caught in a vortex in front of a medieval painting and from here their incredible but at the same time exciting series of stories begins.

The book is actually about the wonderful journey of two youngster, one Asian girl and one American boy. In fantasy worlds, everyday obstacles and human relationships emerge from the perspective of two children.

I wanted to create two such characters because how different the two personalities still come out in many situations, they discover similarities between them, such as a common goal, in this case returning home, worrying and caring for each other, adventure and new desire for discovery, finally, that they are always there for each other, they can count on each other. And, of course, during their journey, a very strong friendship develops between them.

Ben, the life of the American little boy, is a bit like mine, I also came here from another continent with my family. This is how I feel the weight of how difficult it is to integrate into a new environment and how important it is for you to be open, inclusive and adaptable yourself. Because it’s up to you to be able to create an environment where you feel at home.

The defining point of the whole journey is the character development of the children and the development of human relationships. If you are interested in the whole novel: You can buy it here.

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