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Prequel of the Magic Brush

“Believe in your dreams and the creative power of magic! If we are truly confident that we can achieve our goals, it will give us strength on our endless journey. ”

On November 25, 2019, my short novel of Leonardo Morelli’s Adventurous Story was published which tells the 17th century's prequel of The Magic Brush and Enchanted Paintings.

Leonardo Morelli is the youngest member of a well-known painter family. He is a real troublemaker who does not care about the paint and murals, but instead studies history at University of Florence. Since, one of his professor takes him as his assistant, he is no longer leaning over books, but during his treasure hunting he can see the world with his own eyes. One day he is sent by his master to go in quest of a valuable object. On the board of the White Winged Horse, soon he realizes that things and people are sometimes not what they seem, and to become a hero does not require courage, but rather an open soul and fresh spirit. This is how you can land on a long-forgotten island, make friend with a monkey, see the truth behind the surface, discover a precious relic of the past, and as a result, a once centuries long, tragic love story might end.

Own paintings. As I imagined the story. Made in 2019

This book is also very close to my heart because the protagonist got his name after my little son, who was developing under my heart at the time. He inspired Leonardo's figure. Who, when he grows up, I hope will be as little exploratory in nature as the protagonist of the book, who is not afraid to ask, wants to understand how the world works and its causal connections. He will be someone who believes in his dreams, listens to his heart and instincts, because many times the true treasures are hidden beneath the surface.

I recommend this book to all adventuresome who believe in their dreams and are not afraid of the unknown.

You can buy it: Here.

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