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My first book launch

‘Never give up on your dreams because if you truly believe in them and know what you really want to achieve in your life, you can reach anything. Just trust in them and persevere, even if at first this road seems rough and long. ’

Photo by: Dániel Varga

So this how I remember back to the period that led to until now. And if you knew how long I had been working on this novel from as dissertation screenplay to be a published novel. I have already written of this background story in my previous blog post. You can read it back here.

It felt really good to be able to hold in my hand the first copies that came fresh from the press. To this day, I can recall the dedication experience of my first book in my mind. This is how my first book launch was created, which I organized and dreamed with great excitement here in Budapest.

The Magic Brush Book Launch full crew

László Sohajda (social media and tour manager), Gábor Klacsán (Miga Film owner and director), Anna Kostály (media and press), Ott Anna (presenter, art director of Hadik, social media manager of Margó Literary Festival), Kata Balázs-Nagy (Luxury Project Events event organizer), Zoltán Farkas (Főnix Publishing House owner), Ágnes Horniák (event photographer)

The Magic Brush and Enchanted Paintings is a fantasy novel for children. I really like Budapest, so I wrote it at the beginning and end of my novel. This world is close to me, and somewhere in this, my own story, my own life also appears. The novel combines a series of knowledge-based and physical trials, which is what really develops children. I think, it is needed in this modern world and where children, but even adults can soar their imaginations. As a writer, it has often been a challenge for me to how I can bring to life the stories and characters in detail, but I will write more about this later, in another blog post.

My first book launch was hosted by Robinson Restaurant where nearly 150 friends, fans, ambassadors appeared. The event was opened by Nguyen Tien Thuc, Ambassador of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in Budapest, with a very touching speech. The night was enhanced by various performing artists, such as actor Tamás Varga, who read from the book, or Alex Kabai, performer and the Privát Affér Music Band who sang the opening songs, and in the end, Laura Riz singer provided the pleasant musical background throughout the evening.

Nguyen Tien Thuc, Ambassador of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in Budapest

Tamás Varga, actor

Alex Kabai, singer
Privát Affér Music Band

Laura Riz, singer

The moderator of the whole event was Anna Ott, art director of Hadik and the social media manager of Margó Literary Festival. Dr. Tibor Baloghdi, Consul General of Hungary in Ho Chi Minh City, Rezső Sárdi, Honorary Consul of New Zealand and his wife were honored to be present at the event too.

Anna Ott, art director of Hadik
social media manager of Margó Literary Festival

This was a day, when I dedicated more than 260 books, and it gave me a huge power to continue with great impetus to write the next stories. Because the story of Magic Brush is really just starting now… ☺

Video of my first book launch: You can watch it here, and the photo gallery: Here.

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